How to find a girlfriend for a programmer: 10 tips

Although the programming profession has become fashionable for both genders following the successes of Facebook, Apple and Google, the gender inequality in the industry is still very tangible. Female programmers, sysadmins, heads of IT departments and IT companies meet, but mostly IT departments are male territory. “Why are there so few girls in programming?” Asks one of the Quora Q&A platform members. This gives rise to another problem: it is very difficult for a programmer to find a girl at work, and outside of it he does not come so often. All of this explains why the DOU thread, created on July 19, about how a programmer to find a girl, has already received almost 3,000 comments.


“There was a men's team at the Polytechnic University, now it's the same at work. And I don't know anymore where people are looking for friends. Of course, I don't sit at home, I'm always busy with something, now I go to the gym, to driving courses, I used to go somewhere else. But if you think about it, then there is nowhere to get to know and no one, ”- complains the anonymous author of the topic. dev5 We have selected the most useful (and also the funniest) of the tips in the discussion: 1. Create a community of people who want to meet on a profile resource. The creators of and Djinni, for example, somehow launched an online dating service for programmers on April 1. dou5 But seriously, what's wrong with this advice?

2. Meet female HR specialists or project managers by doing a test task for the company or getting a job. The main thing is to write your resume correctly. You can also try to get acquainted on specialized resources like LinkedIn.

3. Meet while playing sports, in the gym, jogging, rafting, etc. And where else to look for girls with a beautiful, athletic figure?

4. Approach the task of finding a girl as a work assignment. “If we give an IT analogy: a man is an investor, and a woman is a startup (family) organizer. Both are interested in finding a reliable partner. But an investor can afford to wait, but it is desirable for a founder to find an investor as soon as possible (it is still relevant). Therefore, you did everything right: if you want to find a partner, let us know first, ”writes lead software ENGINEer, hiding behind the nickname Beaver Green.

5. "Spinning around" in areas where there are much more girls than boys (literary evenings, dance classes, thousands of them), go to relevant events. The list of women's interests can be studied on forums, sites with a predominantly female audience, women's communities in social networks.

6. Get a pet. Taking a dog for a walk greatly increases the chance to interest female dog owners. Again, there are a lot of girls on the forums of "dog lovers" and "cat lovers". Even on the forums of lovers of aquarium fish, iguanas or spiders, they are. Walking A Beagle 7. Follow a socially approved algorithm. The algorithm was formulated by one of the participants in the discussion, Sergei Shustikov: “… I get to know each other on minibuses, on trains, I ask my friends / girlfriends to introduce me to beautiful girls (but what? I need to expand my social circle). Almost always the scheme is the same - you talk, make an appointment in some cafe - have a cup of coffee. You come and see - she or not. If you want to continue communicating with the girl, make an appointment with her again, but not the next day. If not, then the person is not yours or your level of development has stopped at the level of 15 years ... In general, I advise you to develop. If you don’t have any girlfriends in your circle, then you don’t know how to communicate with them. ”

8. Try social networks (Facebook, Instagram). Or go to dating sites. “But first, of course, you need to invest in yourself - to pump up the look, style, and clean up,” writes Anton V. Or, you just need to remember your Photoshop skills.

9. “Easier than ever - hire 2-3 pretty girls to the team, and others will catch up with them,” advises programmer Natalya Zheleznyakova. Alyx 10.